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Then, I remembered what she told me so I tried to wake up. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I found myself on a rack in a medieval prison being tortured by some sort of monsters. There were lots of other people in that prison and they were all terrified. The monsters looked at me in shock and started telling me something went wrong. They told me to go back to the dream. Eventually I closed my eyes and woke up in my bedroom. When I was 4, I had a dream where I was being chased through my school by a knife-wielding troll doll.

He laughed menacingly and it echoed down the hallway. Then he slit her throat. He held up her severed head by the hair and her decapitated body was twitching on the ground. He dropped her head and started toward me. I turned and ran as fast as I could. I felt his hand grasp my ankle and then I woke up.

In the dream, it was Halloween and I was walking around when I saw a haunted house. A bunch of people were going inside, so I went in too. The house felt really eerie and I heard someone groaning. I followed the sound and found the room it was coming from. Inside, my boyfriend was lying on a dirty mattress with his hands and feet chained to the floor.

His face was all bloody and beaten.

I went to help him, but suddenly a dark mass threw the door open and engulfed me. When I could see again, my boyfriend was gone and I was now the one chained to the mattress. Somehow I knew the only way for me to free myself from an eternity in that rooms was if I could trick someone and get them to come in so they could take my place.

When I was 10, I had a dream that I was in hell and my grandmother was the Devil. She had me on an operating table and was cutting me open with a big knife. Then all her little old lady buddies came over to join in. They took out my heart and my intestines and they were squishing them and laughing! Then I looked over and saw my dad on another operating table. He was getting brain surgery. He opened his eyes which were completely white and started screaming. I had a dream once, where I was in a house with my family. My uncle asked me to come with him. He led me to another room where there were bizarre paintings of dead people everywhere.

All of a sudden, I realized the people in the pictures were my family. I ran back to the other room and found my entire family lying dead in the exact same poses as in the paintings. I turned around and my uncle was standing there, holding a picture of him and me. He had a saw in one hand and my severed head in the other. In the dream, I was watching the evening news and it said that there had been a zombie outbreak near my area.

They said the zombies apparently sang a tune that made your heart dance to the music. All of a sudden, I heard some singing outside the window. My heart began jumping in my chest. The zombies appeared at the window, broke through it and started to tear me limb from limb.

At one point, all the lights in the house would go out, and while everyone was looking around for a flashlight or candles, I would notice that the bum was missing and so was my brother. Then, I would run upstairs and find the bum holding my brother down and trying to kill him. In the dream, my parents would eventually kick him out, but he would only come back later, claiming he was a changed man. Then he would start trying to kill us all over again.

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I had a dream about an evil clown digging my grave in our front yard. I woke up completely freaked and looked out the window to see our neighbor digging up his front yard. In my dream, it was dark and I was lying in bed. I got up and looked out my bedroom window. I saw a figure in the playground across the road. It was slowly creeping up the stairs and walking to the curb. It was E.

He was hunched over and foaming at the mouth. He looked up at my bedroom window, reached out with his glowing red finger and pointed directly at me. Then he started running towards my house. I jumped back in bed, covered myself with my blankets and lay there trembling. I heard the front door open.


There was an uneasy silence, then I heard rapid footsteps climbing the stairs. Outside my bedroom door, I heard wheezing, huffing and puffing. My bedroom door slowly creaked open. The wheezing slowly got closer and closer until it felt like it was right next to my head. Then my blankets were ripped off and I suddenly woke up. I had a recurring dream where I was at an amusement park. The sky was dark and overcast. All of the rides were rusty and broken-down, but for some reason they were still moving.

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At first, I thought there were people on the rides, but then I realized they were actually rotting corpses. Every time the ride went around a corner or over a bump, the corpses slumped from side to side. I was the only living person in the whole park. The dream kept coming back probably 3 or 4 times before it finally stopped and I always woke up sobbing and terrified. I had a dream when I was 7 years old. My whole class were in the assembly hall. Then principal came to the stage and made an important announcement, but no one understood what he was saying.

He walked out and closed the door. Then, the Rugrats came through the main door and stood there while we all looked at them. There was Tommy and Angelica and the rest. All of a sudden, they turned a sickly shade of blue and their bodies began stretching, making a sound like nails on a chalkboard. They stretched out grotesquely until they were over 8 feet tall.

Then, they began chasing us. When they touched someone, the person would stretch too and become one of them. We just panicked and ran round the room, but eventually they got to everyone. When my best friend was turned into one of them, they all stopped running and stood looking at me cowering in the corner. I was the only one left. Then, Tommy stretched out his arm to touch me and I woke up screaming.

We were making cards for our parents. I was at my desk, happily cutting up pink construction paper into the shape of a heart. I woke up feeling so shaken that I had to go check on my mom. I had a nightmare where my friend and I were in this forest and we came to a clearing. There was a nice house with a yard and a fence around it.

We were walking up the driveway when we spotted a little boy running out to greet us. We turned and saw a massive grizzly bear standing on its hind legs and staring directly at us. The bear suddenly smashed through the fence and went straight for the little. We screamed and ran for our lives as the bear devoured him and his guts were flying everywhere. I was running as fast as I could, but I tripped over the roots of a tree and fell on my face. The bear closed in on me and began eating me alive. I woke up in a cold sweat. This man took me into an apartment complex. I had no idea what was going on.

He took me into this small room. It was old and had only one bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. There was a door with a padlock on it. He picked up two guns that were lying on a small table and handed one to me. He unlocked the door and we went inside. It was pitch black. I was shaking like crazy because I was so scared.

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Then suddenly I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs and there was a gunshot. Then, everything was silent. I inched forward through the darkness, looking for the exit. Then, I heard weird noises coming from above me. It sounded like a low growling sound. I switched on my flashlight and saw two of the most hideous creatures I have ever seen in my life. Before I could react, they pounced on me and the last thing I saw was their red eyes, black hair, sharp teeth and creepy smiles as they devoured me.

I woke up shaking with fear. I once had a dream that I saw a little girl standing in front of me. She had her back to me and she was wearing a Victorian dress and had her hair cut in a bob. When I reached out and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around she had the head of a turtle. It still creeps me out to think about it. In my dream, I was in a dark alley and a big truck pulled up in front of me. A tall dark figure got out of the truck and pointed a shotgun at me.

Me, my brother and my little sister were in this huge house, like a mansion size house, and we were upstairs. Doing what? My brother raced down the stairs and without even asking who it was he opened the door. At the door was a pale man with ragged clothes and he was holding up his hands and blood was streaming down them.

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All of a sudden, he burst into flames. I had a dream where I was on a bus and I had a big canvas sack in my arms. I peeked into the bag and my little sister was inside. She was dying and I had to get her to the hospital. I kept asking the bus driver when we were going to arrive and he kept telling me soon. I kept peeking into the bag to check on my sister. She seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was sentenced to death by decapitation for an unspecified crime.

They put my head on the chopping block and the blade came down. Next thing I remember I was walking around this weird town, stepping really carefully and trying to keep my head balanced on the stump of my neck. I had a dream where I went to an amusement park with my friends. Nobody seemed to notice that everything was dark, grey and decaying. The rides were all broken-down and falling apart. I wandered off on my own and came to a park that was covered in fog.

I walked into the fog and saw people just walking around looking sad. Then I saw one of my friends who had died years ago. I was thrilled to see him, but he just looked at me sadly. And yet you clearly see all that with very tender eyes. I am very interested, too, in how you show the effects of a tornado on people. What I like about Gummo are the details that one might not notice at first. This is the entertainment of the future. He is eventually forced into the real world, where his fear and desire bewilder those around him—and he finds acceptance.

My images come out of the process of making film. I do really think that movies work on the level of dream logic. However realistic or narrative they might like to think they are, they are dreamlike. In as much as the mind is ever in charge of anything. There really is no explanation for something like this. Aria is what happens when you bring together directors like Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg, and Jean-Luc Godard — an experimental, oneiric anthology filled with striking visuals.

The director rabidly indicts his bourgeois protagonists, drawing parallels between a German industrialist, an Italian cannibal, and pack of man-eating pigs. In , Zulawski embarked on the largest-scale film production in Polish history, and over the course of two intense years, executed an eye-popping, grandiloquent sci-fi epic concerning astronauts who crash-land on the moon and kickstart their own bizarre, primitive society. Sadly, the Polish government deemed the film subversive, shut the production down just before shooting was completed, and destroyed its film print materials, sets and impossibly lush costumes.

Ten years later, using secreted footage, Zulawski was able to piece together a version of the film that came as close as possible to his original vision—and the results will defy your mind, as even in its reconstituted form, On The Silver Globe is a true brainquake that effortlessly takes you to dizzying heights, and just keeps on elevating. And Multiple Maniacs , starring Dreamland icon Divine and a giant lobster, could easily be his most deranged film, rivaling the best-worst of Pink Flamingos. A young man visits his dying father in a sanatorium, but is thrust into a dreamlike world where he is forced to confront his memories.

The rum-stumble cast and crew obey no rules—the movie often seems to have two or three conflicting scores running simultaneously, and inappropriate freeze frames and pointless fades to black are the norm. The director spoke about what he hoped audiences would take away from his alt sci-fi story in a interview:. I like films that are made on many different levels; different audiences will understand them differently, and that is okay with me.

But after some thought, I realized they were right: you can view the film this way, as well. I think some very young, unsophisticated audiences would find one thing and other audiences would find another. Films have great success with different types of people. There is this really big film critic who said that he was completely shocked that a general audience would like such a complicated, intellectual film. Actually, when you read a lot of comments about the film on the Internet and different places, they are all extremes: some people think it is the worst film ever, and some people think it is the best film ever.

There is nobody in the middle, and I like it because that was almost my belief of the way to make it. Quentin Dupieux, aka French electronic musician Mr. Oizo, made a movie about a sentient tire with telepathic abilities and murderous intent. Add into this a series of completely inexplicable interludes featuring s adult film siren Amber Lynn as a news anchor and there is something very special going on here.

Not anything very good, but special nonetheless. Like father, like daughter. Part erotic drama, part black comedy. The film was written with Yasunari Kawabata, who became the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. Set inside an insane asylum, A Page of Madness hails from the Shinkankakuha school, or School of New Perceptions of which Kawabata was a founding member , favoring avant-garde experimentation over naturalism. Based on his own novel, Baal Babylone , the film is set during the tumultuous days of the Spanish Civil War. Episodic in structure, Viva La Muerte is a harsh and often nightmarish coming of age tale of young Fando Mahdi Chaouch and his search for meaning in a universe that is sorely lacking in any.

Why yes, that is Sean Connery in a mankini with thigh-high boots. Not pictured: a flying stone head that talks and is obsessed with guns. Thank you, John Boorman. Sex, drugs, and spiritualism. An astonishing epic of the imagination that all weird cinema aspires to be. A batshit-crazy whatsit that applies a dazzling visual vocabulary to gleefully crass buffoonery, Taxidermia suggests a Jackass flick as directed by Roy Andersson.

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