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How is a young man to know when he has found the right girl for his bride?

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How does a young woman choose the one with whom to spend the remainder of her life? Prayer and an honest look at what the Bible has to say about marriage has saved many a young person from making an unhappy choice. Valuable lessons will also be learned from marriages, which are built on divine principles, and those, which are not. The choice of the person who is to be your partner for life is extremely important. There are several reasons. First, it is important because of the influence your partner will have on your life. The person you marry will help shape your life.

He or she may turn the course of your life either toward righteousness and heaven or toward sin and hell. The daily influence of your companion will either help you reach your goal of eternal happiness or will tend to pull you away from God who is the only source of true joy. The choice of your life companion will make it either easier or harder for you to love, serve, and obey God. Secondly, this choice is important because it is for life. The Bible teaches that marriage is for life. Romans A married woman, for example, is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives; but if he dies, then she is free from the law that bound her to him.

Nor is there any such thing as trial marriage for Christians; that is, living together for a while to see how they get along before actually getting married. Since the choice of your companion for life is so important, it should not be made hurriedly. If you are a child of God, you may be sure that your Father wants you to have the companion who will be the best for you. God made Eve to be just the companion that Adam needed.

God knows you and your need too. He knows you better than you know yourself and knows exactly the person that would make the best partner for you. He loves you and wants to help you. So, before the choice is made, be sure to ask God to lead you very definitely to the person of His choice. Pray about it and be willing to follow the leading of the Lord. How does God let a person know whom he should marry? God usually leads His children in this matter through a combination of ways. First, one who chooses a life partner should be sure that it is according to the principles found in the Bible.

A second consideration is this: Do the personal qualities of the couple make them suited for each other? Thirdly, circumstances should work together to make the marriage possible. There should be mutual love and acceptance of each other. First and most important is the way in which God leads you through His Word. In the Bible He gives you some rules to follow.

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You can be sure that His leading will not be contrary to His Word. Two of these rules for Christians are to 1 marry a Christian and 2 be sure you agree. Those who have already formed their homes have moral obligations to their companions, Christian or non-Christian. But if you are single and a Christian you can be sure that God does not want you to marry an unbeliever. Do not try to work together as equals with unbelievers, for it cannot be done. How can right and wrong be partners?

My Wife is My Life Companion

How can light and darkness live together? They were Samson and Solomon. Samson was attracted to a young woman who was not of his religion. His parents advised him to marry one of his own people, but he would not listen to them. His first marriage was a terrible failure from the very start. His second serious involvement with an unbeliever led to personal tragedy and death.

So, be careful in your friendships. There is always an attraction between sexes.

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  • Choose your close friends among Christians. While it is important to marry a Christian, there are also other things to consider. Disagreements over religion can make a home very unhappy. You and your companion should agree on the place that God will have in your life, how you will serve Him, what church you will attend, and what religious training you will give your children.

    Doctrinal differences sometimes divide a home. For each to go to a different church is a poor way to start a home. But husband and wife should agree on basic principles. Do you and the person that you hope to marry agree on Bible standards for your home? If not, be careful. You may be headed for trouble. What are the qualities that you would like to find in the person you marry? She must come from an important and well-to-do family. Some of these things may be desirable, but none of them guarantees a successful marriage. In fact, a young lady who is beautiful may be proud and vain because of her beauty.

    She may even use her beauty to attract men after she is married. A girl from a wealthy family may expect her young husband, who is just getting started in his work, to provide many things he cannot afford. Beauty, education, and a good social position can be assets, but there are other more important qualities such as character, similar interests, good habits, and good health.

    What kind of person do you want to live with all the rest of your life pleasant or complaining? Friendly or quarrelsome? Patient or easily upset? Kind or domineering? Generous or selfish? Trustful or suspicious? Are you looking for someone with a good reputation or a questionable one? Always honest or someone who would deceive you?

    Hard-working or lazy?

    1. Be his teammate.

    Persevering or easily discouraged? Dependable or undependable? Character is formed and developed all through childhood. So the home of the person you are interested in may give you an idea of what he is like. Habits are hard to break. And in things that are important they should help one another. They can show you a great deal about his or her character and about what you can expect in the future.

    Is he or she clean or dirty? Courteous or sometimes insulting? Careful of appearance or slovenly? Does he or she talk all the time or listen with interest to what others have to say? Take responsibilities to God and the church seriously? How does he or she treat his or her brothers, sisters, and parents? Would you like to live all your life with someone who is not the least interested in those things that are most important to you?

    Husbands and wives who are interested in the same things have much more in common and are likely to have a happier home. Learn from others mistakes. Make sure you are not falling into the trap of monotony. Make a conscious effort to keep the atmosphere at home lively.

    Marriage and the Home

    Communication is the panacea for all ills in a marriage. Talk to each other as often as possible. Talk randomly and share your experiences of that day. Approach your spouse from their perspective. That keeps the atmosphere at home lively. Watch your wedding video or look at your honeymoon photos. Talk about your courtship days and all the romantic outings you both experienced together. The naughty or silly things you secretly did without the knowledge of your family and friends. That will make you both laugh together.

    The couple that laughs together stays together!

    Is he struggling with his necktie? Help him do it. Is she a foodie? Prepare a delicious breakfast for her. This will make your partner look up to you. They know they can come to you for any help or with any problem. You will be their first destination in distress.

    It is not always necessary to look at things your way. Your spouse could have a different opinion. Interference for you would be love and affection for your partner. Stop judging! And if you thought that the above steps would help you avoid only loneliness, no. They will also help you avoid all the illnesses you get due to loneliness in a marriage. Loneliness can be taxing both emotionally and physically, and could come along with 3 :. The illnesses will have a long-lasting effect on your body unless you make a conscious effort to escape that feeling. If you are a lonely wife or husband, you need not have to continue in that state, carrying the weight of self-sympathy.

    Do something to set yourself free of such negative emotions. Here we give you some ways to come out of your loneliness.

    Pick and implement the ones that suit you:. The more you think about it, the worse you will feel. Understand that your spouse is the most important person in your life but they are not the only you have. Meet your parents, siblings or close friends and bond with them often. Have people around you. But, stop expecting or seeking sympathy from them. Each time you feel miserable and left out, your new hobby will remind you of the positive things in life. It will help you re-live your passions and interests.

    Be it writing, singing, joining dance or aerobics classes or associating yourself with a charity organization, you may take up anything that is beneficial to you. Stop saying no to the plans your friends and family make. If they want you to join in their picnic, long drive or a short outing, go with them. You may not be in the mood to have fun, but fun is what exactly you want at this time.

    It will give you confidence that you have several loving people around you. Invite your close friends or family home. A sumptuous meal, beautiful ambiance, and a bit of gossip would work as a potion for your loneliness.

    Marriage and the Home: Choosing a Companion

    Watch a movie together, or go for an unending bout of your favorite TV series. Involve your spouse by inviting their friends and family as well. Who knows, this could rejuvenate the spark between you two. Never let your professional life get affected by your personal life. This is harder done than said, but will surely work as you can forget about your loneliness, interact with your colleagues, and keep yourself busy with work.

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    A career will help you maintain your calm and focus on priorities in life. This is the hardest part of all. Love yourself, and you will start enjoying your company. Stop pitying or blaming yourself for your loneliness as neither will help you go forward in life. When you learn to live alone, you will identify your hidden abilities and appreciate your strengths.

    Have a make-over of your appearance, get a new haircut done, go for a massage with aroma oils, and update your wardrobe. This new look might bring you admirers and could make your spouse sit up and notice. You can beat loneliness only if you are strong, both physically and mentally. Loneliness could lead to binge eating. You can avoid such weaknesses by focusing on your health. Eat nutritious food, drink water regularly, and exercise. Work out in a gym, attend aerobic classes or perform yoga and meditation.

    They keep your body fit and at the same time make you feel better about life. Never lose your fight even before the battle begins. Do not go into depression without making an attempt to share your thoughts with your spouse. Talk to them about your loneliness. This will prompt them to share their version, their tensions or disappointments in life.

    Loneliness is not a rare phenomenon. We might experience it at any stage of our life, right from childhood to the later stages. You can successfully come out of it if you make an effort. Be determined to fight it out, albeit all alone, but your victory is waiting to meet you at the end of the race.