Money Secrets of the Rich: Learn the 7 Secrets to Financial Freedom

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"money secrets of the rich burley, john"

He has been through several real estate cycles continuing to invest and prosper in each one. John has earned the respect of the investment community because he is out in the Real World doing deals on a day to day basis. John has shared his information with millions of people throughout the world. He has spoken on real estate investing and money at events sponsored by Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and T. Harv Eker.

Money Secrets of the Rich : Learn the 7 Secrets to Financial Freedom

John has also been heralded by Robert Kyosaki in his book Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant as a savvy investor who not only has a grasp of solid financial principles but also a keen awareness of the psychology of investing. John lives and breathes the concepts and principles that he shares with those who attend his training programs and invest in the educational products he has made available.

John gives you first hand knowledge in a straight forward, easy to follow step-by-step way that makes learning how to become rich fun and easy. John knows his stuff. John does what most real estate instructors are afraid of, answer student's questions, live, on the spot.

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He is a full time real estate investor and part time educator. Publication Data Country of Publication. Show more Show less. Any condition Any condition. See all 5. Compare similar products.

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Burley found that the books on money either went one of two ways. They were either too technical that once you were done reading them, you had to do a bunch of research in order to even begin, or they were very motivational but didn't tell you what to actually do.

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    Look into the fees you are paying on mutual funds and how that affects your financial future. He says people also don't read the fine print on their investments so they don't realize what fees they are paying. Just like there is compounding growth, there are compounding costs, he says. But once you know these things, you'll be able to take advantage of the system instead of having the system take advantage of you. Step 3. Make the game winnable. Figure out how much money you need for financial security and financial independence.

    Calculate this and come up with a plan. Look for places you can save more. Step 4. Evaluate your asset allocation.

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    You have to learn where to put your money to keep it safe and where to put your money to grow it with some risk," he says. Put your money in different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate. Diversify your investments.

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