Melancholia (Duality Series, Book 1)

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There is something about him, this warlock confined to the Spellman home. Rather than any number of traits, his allure is better attributed to the atmosphere left hanging in every scene he appears in, lingering when he is away.

In episode six , one scene opens on a hazy morning at the Spellman house, birds chirping, pancakes stacked. Ambrose is in bondage. Ambrose leaves the borders only as a spirit, laid to rest in body as part of the controversial method called astral projecting. Their courtship resumes when Hilda steps in, again. The rest of the time, Ambrose emerges and retreats from the many nooks of the Spellman house-slash-mortuary dispensing knowledge, among other things: caution, skepticism, shade.

There is another side to mourning, the light at the end of the tunnel if you will, where the resolute absence of that which once was is gradually accepted as true, and in time, the grieving person returns to their own life. We either overcome loss or are overcome by it. Nobody in the Spellman household — much like the many of us and nearly everyone on television — knows how to mourn properly.

Zelda and Hilda each harbor their own thoughts about the matter and chaperone Sabrina accordingly: Zelda, devout and concerned, fears her niece straying from the Path of Night as her father did; Hilda, anxious and accommodating, offers the open mind deprived her brother and his wife in life and death. An infant when her parents passed, Sabrina interprets her parents as a mystery whose answer could be the key to reconciling her split heritage once and for all. Fastened to their loss is the impending loss of her mortal life, a life that was always in some sense fictional, whose convenient deceits hold less water with each casting.

Dream Harvey proposes to her and she accepts, passing along the news to her disapproving and trepidatious Dream Aunties. For the rest of the season, Sabrina bounces back and forth between mortal life and the Academy of the Unseen Arts, solving problems and creating new ones. Lauren M. Alexia Purdy. Portia Special Edition.

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Duality: Book 1 (Melancholia)

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Kelly Carrero. A Faerie's Secret. The Eldritch Files, Books Phaedra Weldon. Robert L. The Faerie Prince. Vampire in Deceit. A constant tendency to move, to transgress the existing borders of being and living, the feeling that the life one leads is not real enough, a notion of a parallel world or even universe where one exists as well, in the flesh, and weaves a multifaceted net of seemingly random choices and decisions, unconnected with the ones being simultaneously created elsewhere, all of these colorings are meticulously brushed into the works of Paul Auster and Krysztof Kieslowski.

We are, nevertheless, dealing with two different media, and that should not go completely unnoted. She discovers that long after the trip when the slides of the photos she took fall out of her bag. When Weronika suddenly dies of a heart attack on stage, while performing singing for the first time with the Krakow Philharmonic, at that very same moment the French Veronique senses an indefinable and inexplicable sense of loss and vagueness of existence.

Kieslowski magnificently touches the area of the metaphysical and makes us believe that there is undoubtedly our double treading the Earth somewhere. And this bond is fatal and indestructible. That is how Quinn gets in the middle of this conundrum. Quinn, who agrees to take on a detective job assumes the name of Paul Auster, the not yet discovered detective, and the manners and wits of his own literary creation, Max Work is supposed to follow a man Peter Stillman, a once renowned Columbia University Professor, just released from a mental institution and out there, on the streets of Manhattan, allegedly on a mission to kill his, once tortured — supposedly by Stillman himself - son Peter.

The uncertainty of all things around and within Quinn makes the reader wonder about the credibility of the events within the borders of the literary universe, naturally , although the writer himself, i. A charming postmodernistic, metafictional trait, no doubt.

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When Quinn is at Grand Central and in his stooped position eagerly waiting for Stillman to get off a train from Poughkeepsie so his private eye hunt can start, two identical Stillmans disembark the train, one looking like a bum, the other one, the spitting image of the first, except for the fact that he looks like a distinguished gentleman in brand new clothes and carrying an expensive leather bag.

Quinn has to make a choice and decides to follow the first Stillman, the bum. Now all of a sudden we are faced with a quadruple doubling, not only a simple case of Weronika vs. We have two Stillmans, Quinn is in fact Auster, at the same time Max Work, as well as a writer William Wilson, which is the pseudonym he always used. We are now irrevocably trapped in the forceps of the City of Glass or Mirrors and mirror images.