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Freedom's Blood. NY: Watts, , 1st; pp. Agaton Sax and the Diamond Thieves. Sweden's answer to Sherlock Holmes, or Poirot? Now, as he used it, his little body became tensed to the uttermost, his right forefinger slowly stroking his mustache. The Day the Guinea-Pig Talked. Gallico's first book for children, followed by several others about Jean-Pierre and his close bond. A Few Fair Days. The first book of a fine writer, stories of things that happened at the big old house by the shore. London: Julia MacRae, , 1st; 42 pp.

Living-Room Leopards

One of Britain's most talented writers has here created a vivid little book for beginning readers, in the Redwing series. Kit, a scaredy-cat about little things proves she can be brave when the bull has her mother cornered in the shed. Pa's Balloon and other Pig Tales. Houghton Mifflin , 1st; 96 pp. A little book that has watercolour and copper plate etched line panoramas of the pig family as they ride in the balloon, race the balloon, and eventually fly it over the Arctic.

Told in a very straight faced manner by a little boy pig. Four Dolls. London: Macmillan, , 1st this collection, ; coloured plates, pp. Coloured plates and numerous black and white drawings by Baynes. Home is the Sailor. Viking, , 1st; pp. Sian's dollhouse had so many lady dolls, but no men dolls, until Curly the sailor arrived on the scene. Little Plum. I, Momolu. Crowell, , 1st; pp. In this story of modern Africa, a father and a son, Momolu, set off down the river from their remote Liberian village to the coast. Momolu watches and thinks about the changes he saw in the modern city and comes closer to his father.

Jexium Island. Drawn from memories of a childhood near the banks of the Garonne and inspired by tales of the Resistance. An uneven but fascinating book about cracking a ring of kidnappers who capture children to work a North Atlantic island of jexium deposits. Grishka and the Bear. Criterion, , 1st Am, nap; brown cloth, 8vo, in jacket with drawing of boy and bear; pp. After a happy year, Grishka must chose between saving his pet bear cub and following the law of his people, which calls for the bear's sacrifice. Set in the forests of northern Siberia among the Tushken tribe, who still in !

Le Prix Enfance du Monde. The th White Elephant. New York: S. Phillips, , 1st Am, nap; 94 pp. An Indian fable of a Child King who set out to find a white elephant and ran across the extraordinary Hong-Mo. Pink and black or ink drawings on almost every page with pink endpapers decorated with white elephants.

A pretty book. West With the White Chiefs. Atheneum, , 1st US; pp. Harris's fourth book, was an offshoot of her funded research into the Haida Indians, during which she discovered the journal of Viscount Milton and Dr. Cheadle who crossed the Rockies in War Without Friends. Crown, , 1st, translated by Patricia Crampton; pp. An interesting, complex book about the Dutch Resistance told through the eyes of a Dutch Nazi child, who wavers between anger at how he is treated and intimations of horror at his family's tasks.

The Samurai's Tale. Houghton Mifflin, , 1st; pp. An epic novel of sixteenth century Japan, written by the servant boy, Taro. A time Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox. Rand McNally, , "A", 1st; pp. Drawn from an historical incident; the One O'Clock fox lives within the territory of George Washington's hunt and loves to engage in the chase. Henry imagines a family for Cinnabar, children and a wife as merry as their father. Alvin Fernald, Master of a Thousand Disguises. Holt Rinehart, , 1st; pp. Alvin and his friends are having fun dressing up while their mother inventories the costumes at the summer theater.

Soon they are deep in a mystery, and it's up to Alvin to figure out a strategy for solving it. The Escape of the Giant Hogstalk. Scribner's, , 1st. The hogstalk plant grows and grows until it begins to escape from the Royal Botanical Gardens; can it be stopped? A funny version of this theme, see also Cresswell's Bongleweed. The Celery Stalks at Midnight.

Atheneum, , 1st; pp. The third book about Chester the cat, Harold the dog, Bunnicula the vampire bunny, and Howie the dachshund puppy. Invitation to the Game. HarperCollins, , 1st; pp. In the world of the future, only a few High School Graduates get jobs. The rest are kept alive by the state, surviving in a bleak neighborhood.

Lisse and her friends escape by playing the Game. Isis Pedlar. Atheneum, , 1st Am. Moira and her peddler father set down on Isis and she tries to keep his trickery in check. Gertrude's Child. Harlan Quist, , 1st. A strange doll story by the author of High Wind in Jamaica. A Pistol in Greenyards. Evans, , 1st; pp. In when the tenants of the Highland crofts of Greenlands were being brutally evicted because the land could be sold at enormous profit for sheep grazing. Connal Ross stands up to the Sheriff at pain of death and escapes.

The Hawks of Chelney. Review copy, Eric Kimmel's embossed stamp. The superstitious people of an isolated village ostracize a young boy because of his love for the ospreys on his island. A Tale of Time City. Greenwillow, , 1st; pp. Time City is built on a patch of time and space outside history, and its powers are failing.

Only the Time Lady can wake the founder and save it. Mistaken for the Time Lady and thus kidnapped, Vivian Smith, London,, hurtles back and forth in time. Delta Baby and Two Sea Songs. Addison Wesley, , 1st; 6. Three short sea poems illustrated on every spread with black and white drawings or lithos that run across the facing page: Stinky Pete, Delta Baby, Linda Dear.

New York: Macmillan, , 1st; 5. The longer the fox lived, the more gifted he became, and if he could only live for a thousand years, he would have nine golden tails.

Reward Yourself

An attractive little book with black and white prints, based on a Japanese tale. Falcon's Tor. London: Deutsch, , 1st, pictorial boards. A time shift novel in which Aiden becomes Arthur, the son of a rich family in England in ; his new brother is going to the trenches. Wonderful view of the home front in WWI. NY: Harcourt, Brace, and Company, , 1st, "1"; red cloth boards with Peachblossom and her doll, peach endpapers with sketches of characters, wide 8vo, in peach jacket with line drawing of P. A brief story about an obedient small girl during the War in China: how she walked across the plains to the city, stayed in a school, and found her own aunt, by chance.

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Whitman, , 1st; 8. Lithographs of a Mexican Zapotec village child, with the feeling of bright ink and wash. Corn-Farm Boy. NY: Lippincott, Regional Stories , stated first, 1st, in green cloth boards w yellow corn plant stamped; endpapers with picture map of the farm, jacket with Dick and the tractor; wide 8vo, pp. In this book, Lenski continues her social history by and for American children. The Iowa corn-farming family she invents is imaginary, but all the incidents and much of the conversation is real.

Shoo-Fly Girl. Philadelphia: Lippincott, , stated first, 1st; dark lavender cloth boards with black titles and picture, endpapers with bird's eye picture of farm, green blue jacket with picture of Suzanna and the bird; wide 8vo; pp. One of the regional books, about an Amish child in Pennsylvania. The Brothers Lionheart. NY: Viking, 1st American printing, []; cloth backed red paper boards with dragons blindstamped, dark green endpapers with dragon design, 6. The two Lion brothers, Karl, small and sickly, and Jonathan, strong and brave, conquer death to adventure together in Nangiyala, the land of the sagas, and finally enter Nangilima, the land of peace.

Told simply in the voice of the youngest brother. Lost and Found. Toronto: Viking Kestrel, , 1st; 82 pp. New in her community, Lucy finds a little stray dog and names him Trouble. She and a new friend, Nan, try to find Trouble's owner; at first it seems as if no one else wants him. Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. The second book of stories about three lively little girls growing up in Minnesota at the turn of the century.

Marta the Doll. Longmans, , 1st. Marta, the beloved doll, accompanies a little girl on her trip to America. Contents: St. Methuen, , 1st; pp. Andrew, a city child, is sent to visit the rough but kind family of his Somerset uncle, which is torn apart by the Uncle's love of badger baiting. A straightforward book with likable characters by a writer of adult thrillers.

Sir MacHinery. Follett, , 2nd; full colour illustrated picture cover; pp. A Scottish scientist brings a glittering metallic robot to life. The Singing Stone. Viking Kestral, , 1st; pp. Kay Warrick, a girl living in a modern city, is drawn back to Ireland and into a complex period in Irish mythic times.

It is summertime in Teddie, 15, does not want to learn how to run a perfect household; she wants to learn about life. A good read and excellent history, with the characters seen from their own varied points of view. Author's third novel. Slater's Mill. The creation of America's first spinning mill, from the memory of Slater, a young English spinner.

Promotional photo of book's jacket laid in. Orange-yellow cloth w. Nadita was called Little Nothing because her origins were unknown. She lived happily with the old potter under a tree on the Padron's estate until evil people from a travelling circus stole her away. Many adventures followed until at last Nadita found her name.

Tita of Mexico. Doubleday, , 1st; pp.

A tale of the Mexican Revolution. Tita searches for her father, who has been captured by Revolutionaries. Kavik the Wolf Dog. Kavik, a sled dog champion, is being shipped to the States from Alaska when the plane crashes. After three days alone, Andy Evans pulls the dog from his cage and they form a deep friendship. Combines adventure with warm affection. Signed and inscribed by the author. A Harvest of Russian Children's Literature. University of California Press, , 1st; 4to; pp.

This first anthology in English of Russian literature for children provides a wealth of stories, verse, folktales, fables, and prose poems, from to the present. The Bodies in the Bessledorf Hotel. Someone is trying to ruin the reputation of the hotel managed by Bernie's dad. Why do the dead bodies always sneak away? An intriguing puzzle with strong characters and lots of amusing details. NY: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, , stated 1st; reinforced library edition black and earth tone pictorial boards with man in kilt and harp, large 8vo, in jacket of same design; pp.

The First Astrowitches. Dodd Mead, , 1st; pp. The two little witches of "The Witch Who Saved Halloween" and "The Resident Witch" stow aboard a space shuttle in search of a new, pollution-free home. The Town Across the Water. Children in 16th C. Ireland survive conflict, intrigue, and invasion. The Devil's Piper.

The 16 yr old author handles the story "with perfect ease and judgement. Her piper is a sulky, startled little fellow, nasty yet touching. She keeps him very firmly non-human. Her children, by contrast, are perfectly, clumsily human. Messenger of Fair Island. Winston, , 1st. A lilting story of Provence about a kind boy who lives on a beautiful Mediterranean island. How the hero wins the bike contest, writes a poetic speech for the Lady, finds the Roman treasure, and remains true to his word.

Happy, bright pictures. Fifteen Rabbits. The Enchanted Schoolhouse. An ancient Irish fairy comes to Maine and works his enchantment on the schoolhouse. A nice gift edition for a child. Peck's Pets. Macmillan, , stated 1st. Orange paper boards, 6. The amusing story of Mr.

Peck, his wife, and the idiosyncrasies of his various pets, which run to dachshunds and horses. The Pecks' menagerie follows them from a city apartment to a small farm. Based on the experiences of a friend of the author. Miss Bianca in the Antarctic. Miss Bianca and Bernard brave the cold to do good once again at the urging of Nils the valiant Norwegian sailor mouse from the Rescuers.

The sixth in the adventures of this intrepid mouse. Ears and Tails and Common Sense. More Stories from the Caribbea During each evening of their eight-day party, the animals listen to stories. With an introduction for children about animal tales of the Caribbean and a picture map. White Birds Island. Knopf, , 1st Am; 84 pp. A beautifully written, closely observed nature story translated from the Russian, about two brothers who build a raft and explore a swampy lake island on makeshift slat skis.

When the raft floats away, they spend a terrifying night alone.

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Stirabout Stories West of Widdershins. Bobbs-Merrill, , 1st Am; pp. Stories of magic, old and new, involving everyday things looked at afresh and stirred "widdershins. The Kingdom of Carbonel. Once again the royal cat Carbonel requires the help of John and Rosemary. Through a magic potion they are able to understand the speech of the animals and the affairs of State.

They undertake the care of the royal kittens in Carbonel's absence. Quentin Corn. Godine, , 1st; pp. Quentin Corn, a pig nearing slaughter, runs away and disguises himself as a man. The ruse works surprisingly well. Boston: Gambit Incorporated, , 1st US, stated first, but not true Faber first ; red cloth backed green boards, grey top edge, in all around illustrated jacket with Rufus sitting by himself on the grounds of Toft House; 8vo; pp. A dreamy fantasy about a little boy who feels apart from others.

He moves from the Home to foster care, and falls under the influence of a bully. Then he finds a magic knife that will take him back in history. The real little knife is in the British Museum. Theater Shoes or Other People's Shoes. Curtain Up. New York: Random House, , 1st, stated first; red cloth with silver titles and vignette, wartime paper, 8vo; pp. Untrained, but from a theatrical family, they feel under pressure to do well.

New York: Random House, , 11th printing; blue boards with black titles, yellow top edge; in jacket with yellow proscenium stage and a red curtain, before which stands Sorrel; 8vo; pp. Sorrel, Mark and Holly move from their old house in the country to London with misgivings, but the theatrical school they attend turns out to be the place from which they each discover their careers. Traveling Shoes. Apple Bough New York: Random House, , 1st, nap; green cloth boards, pink top edge, green endpapers. Myra, the child of a wandering theatrical family, decided to put "Operation Home" into effect so she and her brothers and sisters could begin to work on their own careers.

The last of the "Shoes" books in American titles. The Shield Ring. The Normans battle the last Viking stronghold in Lancaster. Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Dial, , 1st. The struggles of a black family in the rural south. Taylor's books tracing the saga of the Logan family are certainly among the classics of late 20th c. American children's literature. Coretta Scott King Award. All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown. Chicago: Follett, , 1st, stated first printing; blue paper boards, jacket with bright wraparound full colour city scene with all the family on the streets of New York; large 7.

Now Charlie is the baby and Gertie is old enough to make a new friend, Miss Carey, the librarian. The fourth in this warm family series. The Blindfold Track. New York: Macmillan, , 1st; pp. The childhood and youth of the bard Taliesin. Well written, evocative of the point of view of someone in early Britain. Journey From the Heron. London: Cape, , 1st. World War I is raging in England. Betsy leaves her work at the Heron, an old Sussex house now converted to a hospital, for a week of adventure and discovery in London.

A prequel to the two Heron books. The Winter Princess. It bubbles with life. Carnegie Medal. Steam on the Line. World, , stated 1st; pp. Witnesses the coming of the first steam engine. Turner is an ordained priest of the Church of England, and Christian spirituality and social concern are woven very naturally through these books.

Turner's series revolves around a landscape threaded though by a railway line, from Darnley Mills inland to the moors, and the experiences of several families over time. This book is set during the Industrial Revolution, in the time of David's grandfather. Foxglove Tales. A group of Uttley's tales, chosen from the range of her work by Lucy Meredith and published on the centenary of Uttley's birth. Heinemann, , 1st thus; 92 pp.

Four coloured plates. Hugh Pine and Something Else. Houghton, Mifflin, Co, , 1st; 73 pp. Hugh Pine accompanies his friend Mr. Even here he makes friends and helps other animals with their problems. The Pleasant Fieldmouse Storybook. Prentice-Hall, , 1st; np. Down the Bright Stream. Sarah for Sally.

Andre Deutsch, , 1st; pp. Grandmother Sarah told these tales to her granddaughter Sally. Simple, comical stories true to their period about Sarah's new friend Julia, a Difficult Child, her escapades, and how she came to live with Sarah's large family. Great Canadian Animal Stories. Hurtig Publishers, Edmonton, , 1st; pp. Canada has produced many fine writers of animal stories. Journey to Untor. Uncle Bill and his nephews and nieces discover noens, green light energies from distant planets.

One becomes a purring companion. When they are spirited to the dangers of Untor, then to Time Place, their noen saves them. Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse. The charming tale of a sincere little wooden horse, who goes out in the world to seek his fortune so that his master can thrive. Save Alice! In Wourio's third mystery, two children and their cousin catch crooks after a rambling chase across Spain.

The Island of Fish in the Trees. Cleveland: World Publishing Company, , 1st, stated first; pink cloth boards with Belinda and Lucy, 6. The adventure of Belinda and her doll on a sunny island, which is really Formentera in the Balearics, pictured in sparkling watercolours by Ardizzone.

Wuorio's first published book in the United States. At last, after four years of work, Susie is able to dance sur les pointes! The Acorn Quest. Crowell, , 1st. Squirrelin sets out with four brave knights from Woodland on a quest for the Golden Acorn which will keep the animals of the Wood from starvation. A silly spoof on the Arthurian legends with pictures to match.

Pets in the Cabin

Bright diamond shaped cover design. The Book of Beasts. Noah records the animals as they descend from the ark. An animal for each letter, described in rhyme. Stylish animal silhouettes with friendly faces, printed directly from linoleum blocks cut by the artist.

Hand bound, from a small California fine press. Picklepaw's Puppy. Lothrop, , 1st. A little wet puppy with big paws showed up in the rain, and he grew and grew. At last Mr. Picklepaw could stand his mischief and clumsiness no longer! By the author illustrator of Mr. Picklepaw's Popcorn. If Snow Falls. A little boy dreams of an old toymaker who will come "across snow nobody has stepped on, when it's windy, if snow falls.

It was two sentences long which counts, by the way. Frances Foster, a wonderful editor with Pantheon at the time, saw something in that book and signed me up. Dial, , 1st; 8. Thirty-two lively full-colour paintings in intricate pen and watercolour; review slip laid in. Tomorrow's Champion.

Macmillan, , 1st. Cloth, 9x A step by step description of how a potential race horse is raised and trained, illustrated with Anderson's beautiful lithographs. Il Etait un Petit Homme, Chansons. Tours: Maison Mame; ; music by Joseph Canteloube; red cloth backed paper boards with the little man striding happily along, his three dogs running along on bottom board, children and animals dancing to a musical score on endpapers, oblong The arranger, who is also a composer and the author of a book on songs of the French provinces, has picked a few lesser know titles and added the province from which the song comes.

VG; tiny hole in spine cloth, extrems sl bumped and worn, ffep and half title lightly foxed , otherwise very clean and flat. Whistling-Two-Teeth and the Forty-nine Buffalos. The chief's little grandson had a dream that led the tribe to enough buffalo for all their needs. Beautiful lithos inspired by Native American paintings. G -; name, edges and extrems bumped and worn, soil and flecks to white boards, clean pages with reading wrinkles and dog ears; opens freely. Ant and Bee and the Doctor. All a preschooler's fears of the doctor are handled with aplomb by Ant and Bee.

On the Farm with Bob and Nancy. Akron, Ohio, US: Saalfield Publishing Company, ; brown cloth backed boards with pumpkin paper boards with large full coloured portrait of mare sticking her head out of her box stall and licking her colt, eight full colour illustrations by Thorne and pen and ink drawings in text by Lawson; 9.

Lovely illustrations of farm animals. New York: Alfred Knopf, a compilation, this copy printed in , red cloth boards with gilt titles on spine and stamped figure and title on front board, red top edge, tan jacket with contents listed on front and a copy of The Tiger on the back; 6. The Golden Encyclopedia. New York: Simon and Schuster, , 1st; Fascinating little illustrations on all margins and a clear text.

Not a Teeny Weeny Wink. Doubleday, , 1st. Cloth back full coloured pictorial paper boards, 7. Hutcherson works as an event producer, and also runs a cattery, called JungleTrax, out of his house. As we talked, he flung a cat toy in the air, and they leaped after it with astounding speed. Several times, they scratched us as they went by, so Hutcherson decided to trim their nails, holding the scruff of their neck in his mouth while he clipped. It is beautiful and transcendent. Two thousand years ago, anyone who saw a cat that looked like a leopard would have immediately run for shelter, or for a spear.

The big cats that enchant breeders, with their dazzling coats, stalking gait, and ferocious reflexes, were our predators. For the first time in history, humans are trying to reverse, at least aesthetically, the process of domestication. The result has been voguish hybrids like the Savannah cat, a cross between a domestic and a serval, an African native that preys on gazelles and springbok. Exotic cats have become a particular kind of status symbol in a recent Rick Ross video, a scantily clad woman alternately fondles hundred-dollar bills and a spotted cub , and people pay as much as thirty thousand dollars for the privilege of owning a hybrid that looks as if it could prowl the wilderness.

Natalie Fraser, who runs a business in Oklahoma installing central-vacuum systems, bought her first Bengal when she was just finishing college. By the time it was a year old, it weighed about forty pounds, and it ate her three other cats. Just left, like, half the head. Because of the risks associated with wildcats, part-wild hybrids are controversial. People will have these really philosophical and long-drawn-out conversations about what it is to be domestic, what it is to be wild.

http://socialdash.inspired.lv/22348.php Hybrid aficionados are aesthetes, but they are also excited by the suggestion of the primal. But he is skeptical of Savannahs, whose first-generation crosses can be the size of a tricycle. When they play or reach out or jump on you—a ten-pound cat who does that is one thing. A thirty-pound cat that does that, or scratches your daughter when she tries to pick it up, is a totally other thing.

People are literally on waiting lists, paying ten, twelve, fifteen thousand dollars—for a cat. They are intimidators. They play rough. Martin Stucki, the proprietor of A1 Savannahs, in Ponca City, Oklahoma, is prone to bluster, like a cat who makes his hair stand on end to exaggerate his size. If you are running the No. He keeps seven helpers at work, bleaching the indoor nursery, where he has dozens of kittens in paper-lined wire cages, and checking on the hundred and twenty servals and Savannahs that he keeps in two enormous converted horse barns.

On the day I visited, his wife, Kathrin, was delivering a cat to a client in Shanghai. A1 is surely the most upscale business in Ponca City: Stucki has sold cats to the King of Morocco; his Savannahs can cost nine thousand dollars for a breedable male, or stud, and as much as thirty-five thousand for a female. But he resists talking about money. Nine thousand dollars for a cat? Stucki breeds Savannahs exclusively. He pointed to an accordion on the kitchen table. I know people, they play accordion, piano, and violin, but when it comes to the accordion?

Stucki is very careful with his cats. A1 is the only cattery I visited that required a waiver to protect the proprietor if I was injured by an animal. Not that Stucki worries much about such things. Just Race Car Photos! Just Tree Root Photos! Just Bird Photos! Just Owl Photos! Just Wolf Photos! Big Book of Feline Photographs, Vol. Just Log Cabin Photos! Just Butterfly Photos! Just Cupcake Photos! Just Ballet Dancing Photos! Just Guinea Pig Photos!

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Just Skateboard Photos! Just Tea Pot Photos! Just Panda Photos! Just Topiary Photos! Just Chinese Crested Dog Photos! Just Helicopter Photos! Just Wave Photos! Just Snake Photos! Just Lion Photos! Just Ice Skating Photos! Just Teepee Photos! Just Breakfast Food Photos! Just Praying Mantis Photos! Just Mountain Photos! Just Baby Animal Photos! Just Bunny Rabbit Photos! Just Zebra Photos! Just Starfish Photos! Just Cathedral Photos! Just Feather Photos! Just Spider Photos!

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