Developing the Core (Sport Performance Series)

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Athletes' Acceleration , March 26, Athletes' Acceleration , March 5, Speed Training Training 1. Athletes' Acceleration , February 27, Athletic Development Flexibility Recovery and Rehab 1. Athletes' Acceleration , February 18, Football Speed Training Sports 1. Athletes' Acceleration , February 8, Lee Taft , October 4, Speed Training Athletes' Acceleration , December 2, Athletes' Acceleration , October 24, Athletes' Acceleration , August 5, Soccer Speed Training Training and Conditioning 8. Athletes' Acceleration , June 17, Speed Training 8.

Melissa Lambert , February 18, Athletes' Acceleration , October 16, Strength and Power Training Training and Conditioning 8. Athletes' Acceleration , November 23, Nutrition 7.


Lacrosse Program Design Training and Conditioning 6. Athletes' Acceleration , December 31, Gain a greater understanding of the issues that underlie the current obesity epidemic. Explore the influences of: family and culture; access to resources and transportation systems; public policy; and the media on individual health behavior.

This course provides physical education teachers and movement education personnel from Kindergarten through 12th grade with a broader knowledge of obesity, and offers tools for practitioners to address the epidemic within their communities. Teachers, coaches, and parents can apply information from the course to improve their coaching practices and facilitate learning, performance, enjoyment, and developmental outcomes for all in youth sport. Who will you be learning from?

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Developing the Core (Sport Performance Series)

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Effects of 8-week core training on core endurance and running economy

This course will bring critical sociological analyses to cultural issues surrounding youth sport. This course examines hot topics in exercise training and performance. This course examines special experiences reported by athletes as part of their sport participation to occur during certain sport performances. When we are stressed, what hormonal and physiological changes occur? This course examines mental skills developed by high performance athletes such as participants in the Winter Games. Analyze the Modern Olympics as a globally significant political and commercial event.

The first chapter is 'Core Anatomy and Biomechanics'. The author distinguishes between the popular media pursuit of the aesthetic 'six-pack' and the potential functionality for sports performance. Total body integrative exercises performed in a standing position and not seated on crunch machines may facilitate greater transfer to sports performance. But, what are core exercises? This text propounds: "A core exercise is any exercise that stimulates neuromuscular recruitment patterns to ensure a stable spine while allowing powerful efficient movement.

This definition is very liberal. Coaches must be conscious of the fact that core is more than the mirror abdominals. Page 11 of this chapter contains a chart of global, local, upper and lower extremity categories of core exercises and their function. It is whole body linked! Another definition describes the core as the kinetic link between upper and lower body. Chapter two addresses the issue of testing core efficiency. Essentially, there are three variables that contribute to core stability — intra-abdominal pressure, spinal compressive forces, hip and trunk stiffness.

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Testing can be dynamic, static or isometric. Planking tests the latter whilst dynamic requires forceful movement. Eventually, erudite books such as this one must 'show me the money'.