Community Forest Monitoring for the Carbon Market: Opportunities Under REDD

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At the heart of REDD+: a role for local people in monitoring forests?

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REDD the New Green? Indigenous Groups Resist Carbon Market-Based Forestry Scheme to Offset Emissions

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Stay on CRCPress. Moreover, costs for the monitoring and implementation of forest carbon projects are high and fraudulent activities related to forest carbon trading have already been reported.

Alternative financing options exist and should be prioritized. These include for example a fund-based approach, carbon taxes, levies on international aviation or maritime fuels and financial transaction taxes. In the second largest cap-and-trade scheme after the EU, these credits could then be used by companies that cannot meet reduction targets. But a poorly designed mechanism could fail to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, in the absence of proper safeguards it could undermine the rights of forest-dependent people and community-based forest governance. However, despite unresolved issues and wide spread civil society opposition, market regulators are close to a deal.

A well designed REDD mechanism, in a larger mix of political instruments and financed outside of a compliance carbon market is an opportunity for the protection of forests and the biodiversity of forest ecosystems. However, forests play a vital part for biodiversity and forest-dependent communities around the globe.

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The politics of indigeneity: Indigenous strategies for inclusion in climate change negotiations.

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Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation - Wikipedia

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REDD+ on the ground: Global insights from local contexts

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Community Forest Monitoring for the Carbon Market: Opportunities Under REDD

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