Butterflies and Bullets

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His paradoxical images combining butterflies and bullets are filled with light and color and resonate with harmonic beauty and contradiction.

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Typically utilizing a manual process, Robierb deliberately removes the shadows from pictures of real butterflies and real bullets, giving the final work a two-dimensional look. As he explores different methods of printing, Robierb combines silkscreening with splashes of hand painted color and even, on a small selection of pieces, with Diamond Dust to enhance his subjects.

Robierb first established himself as a fashion photographer in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Smashing Pumpkins : Bullet with butterfly wings

The poetic power and vitality of his talent led to series of invitations to exhibit his work across Europe. In a brief period, Robierb established an impressive international exhibition record and as his career flourished he settled in the United States.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings

In the past year, the artist received nine honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards in a variety of categories. Katherine M.

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