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Forgot Password? But when it came to the sleeves I needed to draft the shape using graph paper. Things can get a bit bulky under the arms. But the chunky nature of the crochet rather suits the purpose of this design. I chose enormous shell buttons which are so very easy to fasten. Bellissima has a lovely silky finish which provides excellent stitch definition.

Crochet bear free amigurumi pattern

I think it will also be quite hard wearing. I have stayed true to the orignial design by replicating the double cuff. Most importantly is the inclusion of a descreet pocket. Experience tells me that come the winter months, snuffles and sneezes will mean that a well placed pocket will be an absolute boon for hankies and tissues. When all was finished the sewing up complete — there is a tense moment when you try on the garment — will it be ok?

Phew, it fits! I know this will a strong favourite in the Winter.

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It will become an old friend until it is so worn, and sloppy that the way it falls off my shoulder will become annoying. Then it will be time to make another….


The jacket used 9 balls of Stylecraft Bellissima Chunky, a 5mm hook and seven large shell buttons. I am a Stylecraft Blogstar, so the yarn was gifted to me. There are a few things that you should never attempt if you knit or crochet as they will end in tears. Combining both crafts in one blanket. My dear friends at Black Sheep Wools were keen to support the project.

I worked on the colour palette and had this brilliant idea that you could build a wide range of skills into each section. Basic granny square, mitred squares, cables, fairisle. Oh how I got carried away. The final blanket was and still is quite pretty. I used glorious Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and some of my favourite patterns and motifs.

But…here is the thing. When we did the test knitting and crochet the tension was really difficult to nail down. My own knitting is quite regular and has an average tension. My crochet stitches tend to be on the tight side. However much we altered the squares it was so hard to faithfully replicate the pattern or customers who might have wanted to make pattern themselves.

Essentially whatever your knitting tension might be — your crochet might be a totally different story. In the end after much hard work, we had to abandon the pattern. This lovely blanket remains one off — a unique creation.

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Since the New Year, my slow burn project has been a nursery blanket for a much anticipated baby. I started making a few of the squares and my original intention was to combine the knitted squares with some fabric squares, as per the pattern in the book. But as time sped on — I knew I would struggle to organise myself to create this patchwork.

The best idea by far was to combine the knitted squares and with a basic crochet granny square — my fastest solution. All I needed to do was match the size of my granny square to the knitted motif. This is all well and good when it is a personal project. I can put up with the fiddling about and getting the sizing right, but it would never do as a published pattern.

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This is something I totally forget when I am in full crochet mode. Obviously it never really matters — but with my bunny blanket I decided to go one step further and attach a fleece lining to the back. With all the work involved — placing your knitted stitches in the claws of the sewing machine might appear insane. But whenever I have attempted it, I have found the the end result easier than anticipated. So now the blanket is finished, lined, ready and waiting for its owner to arrive.

It is possible to combine knitting and crochet in a blanket. Often people knit the body of blanket and then crochet the edge.

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If you want to mix and match squares just prepare to adjust your tension accordingly. My advice would be to complete your knitted squares first and then match your crochet to them. It is far simpler to add a quick round on to crochet square than to adjust your row stitch count for the knitted version. My other advice would be to work your blanket in one yarn type. I know these yarns well — and could easily change the hook I used to match the tension.

But it is all too easy to see the size of your squares alter by a fraction which makes the sewing up really frustrating. At its best — most creative place — knitting and crochet are an adventure. When making as a hobby, I am not bound by rules or things you should do or not do, I can experiment. Like so many people of my generation, I returned to knitting when the patter of little feet began to be heard. When my good friend was pregnant with her first child — my glorious godson — I became weirdly interested in the haberdashery department of our local John Lewis.

That marks the beginning of everything yarny. Patterns and yarn began were bought — and a suspicious pile of half made projects grew in as basket at the side of the sofa. I made this little bundle of joy a very cute jumper by Sirdar — navy blue with little white fish. The pattern is still very popular and available now.

Thinking about it, the baby on the front cover of that pattern book must now be about 21 years old. How utterly bizarre. When our son was on his way, I evolved and settled into the habits I have now. The minute my bottom hits the sofa at the end of the day, my feet curl up under me and I turn to pick up the needles. I wish I had a full list of what I made, there were a few hats, a very small and sweet jumper in moss stitch and perhaps the most useful item; an aran cable knit jacket.

From six months old, our baby wore this jacket most days over his baby grow. But you know and I know that the real gift of love — the heirloom item — is the first blanket. We had no idea whether we were having a girl or a boy and so it occurred to me the best idea would be to make something totally unique. I knitted a cute heart blanket to keep him warm in his buggy. I used the basis of a blanket designed by Zoe Mellor, changed the colours and swapped the cloud motif for a heart motif.

It is still a favourite. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, soft and luxurious. Just right for a much anticipated baby. I am so much faster as a crocheter, that when I do knit a blanket, I almost give-up with frustration. Additionally, the heart blanket I made for Little B has intarsia motifs. This means it has a good side and very much a wrong side.

The benefit of crochet has always been that it is pretty much reversible. The first baby nursery blanket is a significant make, it is a labour of love and often this is a job for the expectant Mummy or Grandparent. For very special people I still enjoy making the first blanket. I just finished my latest. I will get into the detail in my next blog post. It is more than that, it is a celebration in wool and and statement of hope. Never before have I had such a gap in my little updates. Whilst I have been away there has been lots and lots of real work.

When I have sat down I have turned to the crochet hook and the knitting needle. I hardly dare say it. If you made some of the little chaps from the first book, you will be delighted to know that I have designed some new outfits for you. The most exciting. I began working on some projects for a friend of mine who is having a baby.

I decided to start making her a blanket that had both knitted and crochet squares. Both of which would be fine, but the knitted squares take so much longer. I did manage to complete this cute little cloud cushion for the cot. Definitely a Friday evening project. I know, I know…. But sometimes its nice not to be crochet-responsible.

Crochet bear amigurumi

I also went mad and picked up some shimmery cotton. I mean really… Fortunately it seems to work Ok, but you definitely need a slip under it. Sorry to say I am far too vain to show you. But I think it will work both in the summer and into the autumn with tights. If you have nominated. Thank you so much.

I would be so very grateful. Lots of. I promise I will try not to leave it so long before I post again. There is plenty to share with you and plenty to tell you. I love to hear from you.